Local Plan General Requirements

    • The Local Plan for special education must be developed and updated cooperatively by a committee of representative special and general education teachers and administrators selected by the groups they represent; and with the participation of parent member(s) from the community advisory committee (CAC), or parents selected by the CAC. SELPAs are responsible for making certain there is adequate and effective participation and communication.

    • Beginning July 1, 2020, a SELPA must review its Local Plan at least once every three years, and update the plan as needed to ensure information contained in the Governance and Administration section remains relevant and accurate. (California Education Code [EC] Section 56195.9)

    • Revisions to the Local Plan Governance and Administration, Section B, must be reviewed by the CAC, county office of education (COE), and must be adopted by each local educational agency's (LEAs) governing board prior to being submitted to the CDE for review and consideration for approval (EC Section 56195.1). This requirement will not be construed as a prerequisite for submitting changes to the Annual Budget Plan, Section D, or Annual Service Plan, Section E, which are elements of the Local Plan with annual submission requirements. Contacts and Certifications, Section A, must be completed and signed by the appropriate parties and included in any Local Plan submission.

    • SELPAs must complete Sections A, B, D, E and Attachments I–VII of the Local Plan using the current CDE approved templates. Local Plans completed utilizing any format other than the current CDE approved templates will not be accepted for approval consideration by the CDE.

    • The CDE's approval of a Local Plan does not set aside any federal, or state laws or regulations. A SELPA may be required to amend the Local Plan any time a change is deemed necessary due to local changes, new legislative requirements, a new interpretation by the courts, or an official finding of noncompliance with federal law, state law, or regulations determined by the CDE. In such cases, a revised Local Plan must be submitted in accordance with CDE guidelines.

    • SELPAs must ensure a continuum of special education service options are available to students with special needs.

    • A Local Plan must not be implemented without the approval of the COE and/or the CDE. If a COE disapproves a Local Plan, a SELPA may file an appeal with the CDE to overrule the COE’s disapproval.